Miami Beach Gay Party | MBB 2016 Rooftop Pool Gay Party- MIAMI BEACH BRUTHAZ


  • Stay Tuned for Details on MBB 2019!
    Stay Tuned for Details on MBB 2019!


The MBB White Party

Miami Beach

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MBB Bruthaz SpeakUP & Finale

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MBB Pool Party

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MBB Fashion Show

Miami Beach

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A Big Thank You To Everyone Who Made MBB2018 An Event To Remember!

A Big Thank You To Everyone Who Made MBB2018 An Event To Remember! Cuba Is An Unforgettable Place. We Enjoyed Experiencing It With You! Our trip to Cuba is just the beginning of our travel adventures! Stay tuned for MBB2019! We’re planning to take another trip together to continue the[…]

Getting Our Authentic Cuban Cigars, Rum, and Coffee!

You can find fine cigar shops everywhere in Havana. It’s a cigar shopper’s paradise. Here we are at one location that boasts some of the best Cuban cigars, rum, and coffee! It’s one-stop shopping for some of those Cuban must-haves!

Our Tour of Havana began with a Mosaic Tile Wonderland!

Our Easy Panoramic tour of Havana, Cuba began with a tour of a mosaic tile wonderland that has become a place for local artists to display and sell their work. It’s located in Jaimanitas, a neighborhood in northwest Havana, where the homes and the gates are covered entirely by mosaic[…]

Cuba’s Car Scene Carves a Slice in Time!

All over Havana, you’ll find thousands of American cars from the 1940s and 1950s. These cars still account for a significant form of transportation for the locals. Seeing them everywhere makes you feel like you’re in a time-warp. But it all stems from the U.S. embargo that was put in[…]